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Attorney video marketing is how many law firms today connect with new clients.

Attorney Video Marketing Is How Many Successful Law Firms Are Connecting With New Clients.

Why should you be using attorney video marketing to help generate leads?

Whether you’re an attorney looking to find more clients, or a marketing expert looking to help a law firm grow, you can learn a lot from the latest Legal Trends Report.

They used a range of research methodologies, including attorney interviews, consumer surveys, email and phone outreach.

Their goal: To figure out why some firms grow and some do not. What are successful firms doing better, or differently?

Here are some of their key findings:

In attorney video marketing, every new post is another way for clients to find you.

Referrals Aren’t The Only Way to Find a Lawyer

The traditional wisdom is that people who need a lawyer will begin by asking friends and family members if they know anyone.

While referrals of this sort are still the most common way to find a lawyer (32%), many consumers today will begin their search online.

17% of potential clients begin their search by using Google or some other search engine. Another 17% will visit lawyers’ websites. And 5-7% will look at blogs, videos, and social media.

One more thing—60% of those searches are conducted on a mobile device.

What Are Clients Looking For?

When searching for an attorney, consumers rank responsiveness as the most important factor. When they leave a phone message or email, 10% expect a response within an hour, 24% within a few hours, and 45% within 24 hours.

However, there’s a stark difference between perception and reality:

  • 89% of attorneys say they reply to phone and email within 24 hours
  • 64% of clients complain that law firms don’t respond to calls or email
  • 71% of firms don’t meet the criteria for an adequate email response

Other Key Findings:

  • 77% of consumers want to know a lawyer’s experience and credentials
  • 72% want to know the types of cases they’ve handled
  • 70% want to understand the legal process and what to expect
  • 66% want an estimate of the total cost of their case

Are these insights impacting your firm’s growth?

Attorney video marketing posts can cover specific areas of the law.

Millennials Focus On Online Information

Younger clients are more likely to care about a law firm’s website, and about the firm’s brand and image.

Younger clients are MORE likely to read online reviews, and LESS likely to value referrals from lawyers.

Additional Marketing Insights

  • Believe it or not, 40% of small law firms do not have a website, and 35% of those that do have not updated their site in the past three years.
  • 70% of law firms do not have a call to action (CTA) on their website or on their social media. What do you want potential clients to do, call? Email? Consumers prefer lawyers who are clear about process and next steps.
  • Online video is quickly growing in importance. Law firms with video incorporated into their websites see a 41% increase in website traffic.

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