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Why do you need video for your brand or business?

  • Increased website traffic
  • Better customer engagement
  • Higher Google page rankings
  • Greater clickthrough

Here’s another reason: Video production is more affordable than ever before.

I’m Harry Hayes, owner of Content Puppy, and every day, I talk to CEOs, marketers and business owners about video. Contrary to popular belief, video production doesn’t require weeks of preparation, a large crew, or expensive equipment.

It takes creativity and experience.

Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina

The Secret to Smart Video Production

For over 20 years I worked in advertising, creating television commercials for Budweiser, AT&T, CDW, and many other brands. I worked with some of the top commercial directors, and saw first-hand how production is done.

Then 10 years ago, I directed my first web video. A lot has changed since that time. New cameras and technology have made production easier, and more affordable.

At Content Puppy, I produce, direct and edit EVERY project, so each client benefits from my branding and advertising experience. I work with companies to solve marketing problems, position products, and develop strategies. I look for ways to help differentiate businesses and brands.

It’s not just about telling stories. It’s about telling the RIGHT stories.

Want to know more? Give me a call. Find out what Content Puppy can do for your business.

  • Packaged Goods
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
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Using an 8-foot jib provides vertical camera motion
Shooting with a gimbal provides smooth, fluid camera moves
Atlanta video content isn't always shot in Atlanta

Are You Increasing Content Marketing Next Year?


You aren’t alone. Over 75 percent of companies plan to increase content marketing next year. And if you’re like most businesses, that means more video. Who’s going to produce all this additional content? Does your company have the time or in-house resources?


Nearly half of content marketers produce content themselves, but 64 percent view creating content as their biggest challenge. So how can you produce more content without help?

Actual statistics about content marketers:


don't have time to create content


miss deadlines for creating content


worry about producing enough content


should be working with Content Puppy

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