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Social media videos are the number one way to attract new customers.

Social Media Video Marketing Is the Number One Way To Connect With New Customers.

Why are over 90% of businesses using social media video to generate leads?

Judging from the latest industry statistics, it’s obvious that video marketing is surging in popularity. Brands and businesses are using video more than ever before.

But how—and where—are you using video? How can you use video to its greatest advantage? 

Think Beyond the Homepage

There are more people on social media than on your website (unless your name is Drudge).

Far too many business owners post a video on their website and call it a day. But that limits effectiveness.

Think of it this way. The world is a big place. Potential customers are everywhere. So why limit your sales pitch only to people who visit your website?

It’s like fishing. You have to go where the fish are. 

And the best place to put that video is where most of the people are—in the world of social media, on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

That’s where you’re most likely to hook new prospects (sorry, couldn’t help myself). With the right video, it’s also where your existing customers can repost and retweet, and share your message with their friends.

And don’t forget, people are more likely to trust the recommendations of friends and other unbiased third parties more than advice from any brand or business owner.

It Starts With Awareness

The process of lead generation begins with awareness. You have to introduce your product or brand to people who have never heard of you.

And what’s the number one way to achieve that? The method being used by 93% of brands?

Yep, you guessed it—social media videos. They’re also the best way to reach younger prospects. According to industry data, 53% of consumers engage with a brand

53 percent of consumers engage with a brand after watching videos on social media.

for the first time after seeing videos on social media, and 66% of Millennials engage with new brands that way.

Social media videos are the #1 way consumers discover new products.

Social Media Video

Here are some additional statistics. For example:

  • Social Media Users are 40 TIMES more likely to share video than other types of content
  • 100 MILLION HOURS of video are watched on Facebook each and every day
  • YouTube has 5 BILLION video views each day, and is the #2 ranked search engine
  • 88% of marketers have found success posting videos on Instagram, followed by 85% on Facebook, and 84% on Linkedin.

Of course, posting social media videos isn’t a magical solution. You still have to develop the right videos and tell the right stories. If you’d like to talk about creative approaches to videos and your business, give us a call.


Harry Hayes is the owner and executive producer at Content Puppy Productions. Before starting his business, he spent 20+ years as an advertising writer and creative director.

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