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Want to Create Video That Other People Will Watch? Check Out These Tips for Shooting Video.

So, you want to be a videographer? Are you dreaming of that “I work while traveling” gig? I hate to break the news, but you’re going to need more than expensive equipment before you become one. There are certain skills needed before you become a videographer. I mean, you can’t just call yourself a videographer just because you carry a video camera with you. These top 5 tips for shooting video will help you become the videographer you always dreamed of being.

Shoot steady video

Remember that shooting videos isn’t just about merely shooting videos. Rather, it’s about shooting videos that people will actually enjoy watching. The question is how to come up with a video that people will love. You do it by taking video shots that don’t make people’s heads ache. With that, you’ll have to shoot a steady video. So, if you have sweaty and shaky palms while video shooting, and then you’re going to have to seek ways to make it steady. You can’t keep your hands from shaking, but you can use a tripod to keep your camera steady.

Produce creative shots

The reason why most people prefer watching videos over reading articles is because they want to skip the boring details and just go to mainstream action. With that, you shouldn’t make your videos look like they were coming from a CCTV camera.

The question is how you’re going to shoot creative shots. How does one know the difference between a boring shot and a creative shot? Let me give you a hint: dynamism. Everything has to be dynamic. It has to be moving. Otherwise, your video is dead. What was your impression when you saw someone at work or at school who barely says anything until his shift was over? Boring, right? It’s like you’d want to avoid that persona at all costs. It’s the same with videos. Once people see that nothing is really happening with your video, and then you can bet that they’ll grow tired of it within the minute.

To shoot creative videos, you have to take shots from different angles. Make the audience like they are the character in the video. Another good tip is to go directly in the middle. You’ll have no luck getting good videos if you’re shooting from a distance. You have to go near where the action is.

Avoid unnecessary zooms and pans

Picking up a camera for the first time will really make you want to zoom the camera a few times or perhaps pan a few shots. But is you’re into taking your videography skills to the next level, you’ll have to use these two sparingly.

There is a proper time of when to use it. You only zoom if there’s a subject that you’re trying to emphasize attention to. For example, if you’re shooting a rock concert, and then you might need to zoom in.

The same rule applies in a pan. If you were shooting a red carpet event for example, and then feel free to pan because you job then would be to shoot a celebrity starting from when he exits the limo until he walks to the end of the red carpet.


Remember to capture good sound

Remember how I said that static is boring. In order for a video to capture any attention, it has to be moving. Moving angles, moving the subject, or even moving backgrounds, all of these have to be present in a video, but something of even greater importance is sound.

Imagine how you’d feel if you were to watch a video interview, just to realize that there was no sound in it. You’d feel outraged, wouldn’t you? Apart from the purpose of entertainment, videos have another task, and that’s to inform. How do you expect people to be interested in a video if they can’t even understand what it’s about? With that, you have to shoot video that has good sound. If you take a video of kids playing around, and then you better make sure you get the audio of children laughter too. Otherwise, the video would cease to make sense.


Compose creative interviews

Let’s say you’ve already made a couple of videos for an event. Good job! But there’s something else still missing. What is it? Interviews, that’s what. You see, videos are just like the newspaper. They tell people all about the event, but apart from the piece of information newspapers are sharing, they also have to be credible. Well, it’s quite the same when it comes to videos. You might have gotten the event already, but people will still be looking for a few words from the people who were actually in the event.

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