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Smart Production

Corporate Video Production Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle.

There’s a Smarter Approach to Corporate Video Production. We Call It Smart Production.

What is Smart Production? It’s a pragmatic approach to video, where experience and common sense are used to plan out the details, streamline the process, and avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming revisions.

For example, do you really need a $50,000 movie camera to shoot a YouTube video? We don’t think so.

And not every project needs a big crew, or truckloads of equipment.

The trick is approaching each corporate video project the smartest, most cost effective way possible.

An experienced storyteller can turn any production into a smart production.

Smart Production Saves Time and Money

Now, that doesn’t mean we only produce low-budget projects. It just means we look for ways to increase efficiency and cut out wasted time and effort.

And we also look for ways to make each project more engaging and impactful.

Smart Production is a more pragmatic, cost effective approach.

For example, are there camera techniques or special lenses that might add visual interest?

Maybe time lapse or slow motion? And what about B Roll? Photography? Graphic design? Stock footage?

More often than not, these ideas don’t add cost—just production value.

Smart Production Balances Creativity and Cost

Part of Smart Production is helping our clients decide which elements are essential, and which ones are extravagant.

Remember, there’s more than one way to tell a story. Sometimes you just have to think differently.

The goal is to make your video the best it can be, within your budget. That’s something Content Puppy excels at. Maybe that’s why Design Rush recently named us one of the Top Video Production Agencies.

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