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Smart Production

The Faster, More Affordable
Approach to Video

How to Get All the Benefits of Video, Without the Hassle. 

More marketers than ever before are producing their own video content. Why? Because video works!  It is by far the MOST POWERFUL form of digital communication.

Benefits of video include:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Better customer engagement
  • Higher Google page rankings
  • Greater clickthrough

And the popularity of video is still growing. According to Cisco Systems, by 2020, online video is expected to make up more than 80 percent of ALL consumer internet traffic worldwide. In the U.S., it will hit 85 percent.

Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina
Video Improves All Types of Marketing Results:
  • Increase in Landing Page Conversion Rates 80% 80%
  • Increase in Email Marketing Open Rates 65% 65%
  • B2C Marketers That Say Video is Their Best Tactic 82% 82%
  • B2B Marketers That Say Video Has the Best ROI 73% 73%
Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina
Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina
Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina
Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina

So Why Are Some Marketers Still Hesitant?

In spite of all these benefits, producing video content can also be intimidating. A lot of marketers and business owners assume it will be too difficult, or too time consuming, or too expensive to even consider.

That’s why we’ve come up with a better approach—Smart Production.

It’s a way for you to get the video you need, without weeks of preparation, or paying for a big crew. At Content Puppy, we rely on our creativity and experience to help each client through the production process, in the smartest way possible.

The Advantages of Smart Production

  • More Strategic
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Only Pay for the Equipment You Need
  • More Cost Effective

It Starts With an Experienced Storyteller

Harry Hayes, The Owner of Content Puppy, spent nearly 30 years in advertising, creating television campaigns and video content for all kinds of brands. So he knows how to tell a story. And engage an audience. 

No matter what type of video you need, he will work with you every step of the way. Producing. Writing. Shooting. Editing. 

Our goal is to deliver every project, on time and on budget, and to meet or exceed your expectations.

How to Think Like a Producer

Smart Production means helping our clients find the perfect balance between creativity and cost.

What does that mean? It means a simple video with just a few hours of shooting and editing will be relatively inexpensive. But adding creative elements like more locations, professional actors, stock video clips and animation will drive costs higher.

Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina
Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina
Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina

Here are some of the most common “extras”:

  • Location costs
  • Script writing
  • Talent costs
  • Stock footage fees
  • Equipment fees
  • Wardrobe / costumes
  • Graphic design
  • Music fees
  • Travel costs
  • Prop rental

Which elements will make your video better? We’ll help you decide which ones are essential, and which are extravagant.

Visual Storytelling

Another important aspect to producing a quality video is visual storytelling. That basically means relying on images to tell a story, not just words.

At Content Puppy, we use a range of creative camera techniques to get the images you need:

  • Drone Footage
  • Time Lapse
  • Variable Frame Rate (slow motion and fast motion)
  • Special Camera Rigs
  • Special Effects

To learn more, check out our past blog posts about visual storytelling, making it rain, shooting a sunset, and creative camera rigs.

Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina

The Format of your Video Will Also Affect Cost

Some video formats, or creative approaches, are more affordable than others. Here are the most popular:


There’s no script in a documentary. People simply speak in their own words, saving writing costs. That makes the documentary approach one of the most cost effective. Common examples include storytelling videos, sales presentations, and customer testimonials.

Scripted Speaker

In this format, we prepare a script beforehand, enabling the exact wording to be pre-approved by legal. The script can be delivered on-camera using a teleprompter, or off-camera by voiceover talent. Examples include corporate videos, employee training, and how-to videos.


By definition, a montage is a series of short clips, usually cut to music, with or without voiceover. These types of videos are typically more expensive, because they involve more shooting—sometimes multiple days. Examples include event videos, factory tours, real estate videos, restaurant videos, and highlight reels.


As the name implies, the focus here is not a person on camera, but rather, a thing. We visually demonstrate, step by step, how a product works, or a service is performed. Costs can vary, depending on the complexity of the story and the amount of shooting required. Demonstration videos are often created for new product launches.

Scripted Scene

Similar to a scene from a movie or TV show, we shoot characters in a location or environment, from multiple angles, acting out a script. Costs involved will depend on the number of paid actors, the cost of location, etc. Examples include television commercials and employee training videos. 

Animated Graphics

In this format, we create images digitally using vector graphics or stock illustrations, then add movement with After Effects. This approach can be expensive—it saves money on shooting, but can add substantially more editing time. Examples include explainer videos, trade show videos, infographics, and kinetic typography.

Another Way to Manage Costs:  Bundling

Another way to manage video costs that a lot of clients don’t take advantage of is Bundling. When you bundle more than one project together, you save money.

Think about it. We plan a production, show up on site, unpack the gear, set up the lights. Now we can shoot one video, or we can shoot more than one.

The most cost effective approach is to shoot all day, and cover multiple messages while we’re there.

That’s Smart Production.

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