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Smart Production

Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina

An Experienced Storyteller Can Save You Time and Money.

Producing video for your business doesn’t have to be a hassle, or cost an arm and a leg.

There’s a better way. We call it smart production.

It’s a way to get the videos you need for your website and social media, produced the smartest, most cost effective way possible.

Advantages of Smart Production

  • Faster Turnaround
  • Fewer Equipment Rentals
  • More Cost Effective
  • It’s Just Easier

Everything Is Easier With an Experienced Storyteller

At Content Puppy, every project is driven by an experienced storyteller.

And I know, because I’m that storyteller.

My name is Harry Hayes, and I was an advertising writer and creative director for over 25 years (hey, I said experienced).

I worked on a wide range of brands, both consumer and B2B, including Budweiser, AT&T, Coca-Cola, McKesson, and InterContinental Hotels.

That means I have experience in many different business sectors, including CPG, hospitality, electronics, retail, telecommunications, and more.

I’ve created all kinds of commercials and video content, and I can help you do the same for your brand or business.


Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina

Visual Storytelling

Thanks to my background in advertising, I bring more to the table than just production knowledge. I can also help develop strategy and creative concepts.

I don’t just run a camera. I find ways to make your video more interesting and engaging. For example, visual storytelling.

That means using images to tell a story, not just words.

I use all kinds of camera techniques to make your video more engaging, including drone footage, time lapse, variable frame rates (slow motion and fast motion), special camera rigs, graphics and visual effects.

To learn more, read these blog posts about how we faked rain, kinetic typography, tips on shooting time lapse, and creative camera rigs.

Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina
Harry Hayes on production in the mountains of North Carolina

Balancing Creativity and Costs

Another benefit of having so much production experience is knowing how to manage costs.

For example, do you need script writing? On-camera talent? Stock footage? Graphic design? Every creative element we use will end up affecting your budget.

The question you need to ask is which elements will make your video better? We’ll help you decide which ones are essential, and which are extravagant.

Remember, there’s more than one way to tell a story.

Another Way to Lower Your Costs

There’s a simple way to lower costs that many clients take advantage of. It’s called bundling. When you produce multiple videos at the same time, you save money.

Think about it. If you’re already paying us to pack up our gear, show up on site and shoot a video, why stop with just one?

The most cost effective approach is to shoot all day, and cover multiple messages while we’re there.

That’s Smart Production.

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