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In a World That’s Constantly Changing, a Rebrand Video Can Help You Reinvent and Stay Relevant.

What exactly is a Rebrand Video?

I like to think of it as an image update. The marketing world’s equivilent of a make-over.

You start with your existing brand, and your existing brand video. Then you rethink, rewrite, or even reshoot it entirely, to reintroduce your brand and reset your positioning to meet the needs of the present day.

Gozio Rebrand Video

The Rebrand Video I recently completed for Gozio Health is a great example.

Gozio is a technology company that creates apps for healthcare providers. I did their original Brand Video, shown here, a few years ago.

Their brand positioning was about improving the patient experience. At the time, patient experience was a popular buzzword in the healthcare industry.

As as you can see in the video, Gozio was best known for wayfinding—providing directions to help patients navigate complex hospital campuses.

Of course, that was then. Now Gozio has added much more functionality.

Digital Experience Platform

Today, hospital administrators are looking for a “digital front door,” and Gozio provides a fully customizable solution.

On top of that, the COVID pandemic has brought rapid change to the industry, making the new Rebrand Video even more important.

The new video demonstrates how Gozio supports virtual visits and contactless arrivals, so hospitals can practice social distancing and minimize patient interaction.

The Rebrand Video required minimal new shooting. Most of the changes were accomplished using stock video and by replacing smartphone screens with the latest app designs.

Gozio is best known for wayfinding—directions for navigating hospital campuses.

Thank you once again to my friends at Gozio Health for this Rebrand Video project. I hope other marketers can learn from their example.


Harry Hayes is the owner and executive producer at Content Puppy Productions. Before starting his business, he spent 20+ years as an advertising writer and creative director.

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