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For cost effective TV advertising, use an OTT media buy.

Your TV Advertising Cost Goes Down When You Target Ad Buys More Specifically.

Thanks to so many people “cutting the cord” of their cable TV service, there’s a new way for marketers to reduce their TV advertising cost.

It’s called OTT, or Over The Top media.

What makes it different? Well, in the past, television has been a “broadcast medium.” TV networks and cable companies broadcast the same signals into everyone’s homes, and advertisers ran commercials on whatever shows or channels they thought customers would watch. Audiences were big and broad, and expensive.

That was before OTT media.

With an OTT media buy, you can target TV advertising more specifically, and only pay to reach audiences you want to reach.

It works more like digital marketing.

OTT Media makes TV advertising much more cost effective.

What Is OTT Media?

Basically, it’s an Internet-based system for serving up advertising. It works over streaming TV services like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Sling TV and YouTube.

Let’s say you want to watch a video, a sports event or a show. You log on to your streaming service, on a smart TV, a computer, or your phone.

When you log in, you click on a profile. That enables the streaming service to recognize specific users.

By knowing who’s watching, they can recommend content—your favorite shows, or sports teams.

But there’s another benefit to that profile. It also enables the streaming service to target advertising messages. So now, instead of random advertising, you’ll see messages that are more relevant to you.

Your neighbor could be watching the same show, but seeing different ad messages than you.

How OTT Reduces TV Advertising Cost

Because of this hyper targeting, media buys are more efficient. You’re advertising to a smaller, more focused audience, and paying less.

You can also focus messages more specifically. So instead of a one-commercial-fits-all approach, you can tailor messages to different audiences.

That means producing more commercials, but also commercials that are more effective.

Here’s an example—a TV campaign I’m creating for a Caterpillar dealer.

Yancey Brothers is Atlanta’s oldest and largest CAT dealer. They sell and rent all types of construction equipment, including bulldozers, wheel loaders, skid steers, excavators, and more.

For Yancey Brothers, we produced multiple commercials that were more targeted.

Here’s the problem: they need mechanics. Heavy equipment mechanics are hard to find. So Yancey Brothers is using OTT media to reach a wide range of candidates.

Instead of one commercial, we’re creating multiple spots, each one targeted to a specific group—seasoned professionals, ex-military technicians, recent high school graduates, etc.

The campaign is still in development, so I’ll be sharing that in a future post. In the meantime, thank you to Greg Dewalt at Yancey Brothers and to my friends at Propellant Media for the commercial project.

If you’d like to know more about OTT media and reducing TV advertising cost, Propellant Media is the place to find out.


Harry Hayes is the owner and executive producer at Content Puppy Productions. Before starting his business, he spent 20+ years as an advertising writer and creative director.

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