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YouTube Videos


How Do You Build an Effective YouTube Channel? One Video at a Time.


This YouTube video for Intel Microprocessors was created for Liquid Agency in San Jose, CA. It started out as a writing assignment only, but ended up being produced here in the ATL.

Intel YouTube Video

While the premise of the video is pretty funny (in my opinion at least), the real humor comes from the actor performances. They’re all local Atlanta character actors, and each one did an amazing job.

I encouraged improvisation during the shoot, and the reality of the performances reflects that.


Of course, this is just one video. A lot of companies these days have an entire YouTube Channel. Brands like GoPro, Home Depot and Red Bull, they have massive YouTube Video Channels with dozens, even hundreds of entries.

How do you get started doing that?


YouTube Video Series

Here’s a good example. Landscape DR is an Atlanta landscaping business based in Alpharetta. The owner Andrew is very personable and comes across well on camera.

He hired Content Puppy to create a series of YouTube Videos for his business.

The first ones were shot in front of his booth at the Atlanta Home Show. Others were produced on location, during actual Landscape DR installations.

How Do You Tie a Series Together?

A strength of this example is the way multiple videos are tied together with an integrated idea.

It’s pretty simple really. By using the theme “Cures for the Common Yard,” each landscaping solution is presented as a type of cure. Makes sense, with a company name like Landscape DR.

The videos all use the same music and the same opening graphics.


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