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Website Videos

There Are Many Ways to Incorporate Video into a Website. Freedom Boat Club Uses Two of Them.

The first and most obvious way to incorporate video into a website is the Brand Video. That’s where a business or brand can tell its story, and explain its value, or brand promise, to its customers or consumers.


Website Brand Video

Here’s one example. Freedom Boat Club is a smart alternative to expensive boat ownership. Instead of buying a boat and then having to pay for storage, maintenance, etc., you can join Freedom Boat Club instead. Then for a monthly fee, you reserve whatever boat you need, whenever you need it.

Online Product Videos

Another common approach to website videos is Online Product Videos. Those are usually a series of videos about a company’s products. In the case of Freedom Boat Club, that meant creating videos for each of the boats they offer.

Why are online product videos so important? According to Adweek, 81 percent of consumers research a product online before making a purchase. Experienced salespeople will tell you that the days of uninformed customers simply walking into a store, asking questions and making a purchase are long gone.

Freedom Boat Club

In the case of Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, we produced a dozen product videos in all—each one for a different type of boat.

Members of Freedom Boat Club can reserve a fishing boat one day, a speed boat the next, or even a pontoon boat for entertaining guests.

These videos don’t include any product information. Pertinent facts such as horsepower and number of passengers were displayed next to each video as web content. All 12 videos were shot in a single day. If you’d like to know more about the production, read my blog post here.

Thanks to John Roberge for being such a great client, and to Jame Riley for the referral.


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