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The Secret to an Engaging Documentary Video is Finding a Good Subject. Here are Three.


As far as good subjects are concerned, few are more interesting than Atlanta social artist Joe Dreher. He’s the guy who painted the cool Basquiat mural for the High Museum.

Joe King ATL Documentary

After getting to know Joe, I realized that a thirty second time-lapse wasn’t enough to tell his story. I wanted to do more. It turns out he was painting another mural the following week. This one is on Edgewood Avenue, a few blocks from Boulevard.

I shot this video over a one-week period, capturing the mural at different stages of its creation. Even more importantly, I got Joe on camera—hopefully capturing some of his personality. That’s where storytelling comes in.

You can see more of his work at #joekingATL.

Forward Warrior Documentary

There are other mural artists helping to beautify Atlanta, especially in areas like Cabbagetown, O4W, Little Five Points and Kirkwood. This next Documentary Video shows several of them, painting videos at the same time.

Forward Warrior is an annual mural painting event, organized by Atlanta artist Peter Ferrari. While the specific venue changes from year to year, 2016 was the second time Forward Warrior was held in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown neighborhood.

According to Ferrari, there is no real theme to Forward Warrior, and very few rules. Artists are given as much freedom as possible, but the art created has to be appropriate for all ages.

MLK Mural Documentary

Here’s one more—a documentary about the mural at the MLK Marta Station.

This one is so big—over six stories tall—that it required three artists and five days.

The three artists were Fahamu Pecou (@FahamuPecou), Fabian Williams (@OccasionalSuperstar) and Joe Dreher (@JoeKingATL).

Watching these guys work was almost as interesting as the art itself. For five days in a row, they strapped themselves into bright orange Marta safety harnesses, climbed into two enormous hydraulic cranes, and headed skyward. I can only imagine the difficulty trying to be artistic while dangling a hundred feet above the sidewalk.


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