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Video Case Study

Great Storytelling Isn’t Just for Customers or Consumers. It’s Also a Great Way to Engage Internal Audiences.

What’s the purpose of a video case study? In this particular case, PulteGroup wanted to unveil their latest consumer research and build excitement about their new kitchen designs. The audience: the PulteGroup board of directors.

Video Case Study

Why present strategies and statistics with the usual ho-hum PowerPoint presentation? By simply producing this video case study, the PulteGroup marketing team was able to capture weeks of hard work, and present it in an engaging, memorable way.

“The Kitchen Throwdown” tells the story of Pulte’s collaboration with their building product suppliers and vendors.

Pulte shared months of consumer research and customer insights, for the benefit of all their supply chain partners.

The Kitchen Throwdown

It all started with consumer research.

Pulte spent months gathering information about consumer preferences on kitchen design. Then, they shared that information with their supply chain vendors, divided them into teams, and challenged those separate companies to work together to design the next generation of kitchens.

Soon, innovative new kitchens were designed, and model kitchens were built. Then an event was planned so the concepts could be presented for the enjoyment of all.

The Power of Video

This video case study enabled Pulte to give a much more powerful presentation. It documents the hard work and collaboration that went into these new kitchen designs.

Team discussions, model development and kitchen construction were all captured on video. We also shot the unveiling of the models, and subsequent consumer research.

Everyone involved in the project, both from Pulte and their suppliers, was interviewed on camera. That way we were able to incorporate quotes from Pulte team members and participating vendors.

The result: a powerful and engaging video that effectively tells a story. Snippets from the interviews were woven together with graphics and construction footage to add energy and excitement.

Thanks to Diahann Young at PulteGroup for the project, and for the great story. It turned out to be a powerful case study presentation.


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