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Trade Show Videos

Video Can Be a Powerful Tool for Trade Show Displays as well as Trade Show Promotion.


Trade Show Video is an extremely effective way for exhibitors to engage attendees, demonstrate products and communicate benefits.

This example was produced for Georgia-Pacific as part of their ToughRock® Fireguard 45™ Gypsum Board trade show booth.

Effective Trade Show Video

The best trade show videos are designed for the environment in which they’ll be seen.

In the case of Georgia-Pacific, we couldn’t rely on attendees being able to hear audio, so we used typography to communicate the entire product story.

It was also designed to run on an endless loop, because few attendees walk by right at the beginning.

The story can be easily followed and appreciated, regardless of where you start watching.

Promotional Trade Show Video

Of course, a trade show display is only one way to incorporate video.

We’ve also produced overview videos for several trade shows, including the Atlanta Home Show, the American Institute of Architects, and the International Woodworkers Fair, seen here.

In this example, we used video to report on new trends and new products introduced at the show.

The video was commissioned by a local advertising agency, and appeared in their blog.

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