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Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing Video—the Perfect Combination of Storytelling and Action Footage.


From highlight reels to sneaker advertising, video has long played an integral part in effective sports marketing. Video can be incorporated in a number of ways, including social media, online video, and scoreboard displays.

Can video help build fan excitement and attendance for a sports team?

Absolutely—and the examples shown here prove it.


Sports Marketing

These videos were created for the Mercer University varsity basketball program.

Both videos were played during games on the university scoreboard, as well as online.

Since the university’s team is named the Mercer Bears, we came up with the concept “How to Survive a Bear Attack.”

The university integrated the idea into other areas, including posters, digital marketing and T-shirts.


The Power of Video

The men’s basketball team went on to have their first winning season in several years, finishing second in their conference (obviously, the sports marketing had something to do with it). Then the following year, their men’s team beat Duke in the NCAA Tournament.

Streamlined Production

Both the men’s and women’s videos were shot in one day using the university’s own equipment. Both were edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Thanks to The Partnership of Atlanta for the work, and to Randall Hooker, Ken Young and Michael Zarillo for the production help.

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