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Social Media Videos


Social Media Video is a Powerful Way to Tell Your Stories. And Share Them Online.


Here are some good examples of Social Media Video.

The first one shows Atlanta muralist and social artist Joe Dreher, known as JoeKingATL, painting a mural to promote the High Museum’s Basquiat exhibit.


Social Media Video

According to his website, Joe believes in art that is low in cost and high in concept (just like what I do at Content Puppy).

This particular example consists of just one time-lapse shot, showing Joe hard at work. The result is a concise and engaging video—perfect for the High Museum’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Ex-Marine officer turned actor R. Lee Ermey. He’s known as “Gunny” to his fans.

The Power of Social Media

Glock has collected hundreds of stories about the dependability of their products, Glock handguns are relied upon worldwide by the military, police departments, and security-minded homeowners.

With Social Media Videos such as this, Glock reaches their online audience and builds their brand, one story at a time.

Glock Amazing Stories

Here’s another example of Social Media Video.

R. Lee Ermey is an ex-Marine officer turned character actor. His first role was playing the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.

Known as Gunny to his fans, this guy is extremely popular among gun enthusiasts. So it’s no surprise that Glock handguns uses him as a celebrity endorser.

To commemorate Glock’s 25th Anniversary, we produced a series of Social Media Videos with Gunny telling Glock stories, in his own unique style.

All the stories are true by the way.


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