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Social Media Videos

Social Media Video is a Powerful Way to Tell Your Stories, and Share Them Online.


The key to an effective social media video is shareability. It needs to be visually interesting, and short in length—usually 30 to 45 seconds.

Social Media Video

In fact, the sharing of social media videos is the #1 way brands generate leads today. They post short, engaging videos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to connect with potential customers. 

Then through likes, shares and retweets, they connect with secondary audiences as well.

According to Brightcove, 53 percent of consumers engage with brands in this way. Millennials are even more likely—for them the number is 66 percent.

Here’s an Example for the High Museum

This first example features Atlanta muralist and social artist Joe Dreher, known as JoeKingATL. According to his website, Joe believes in art that is low in cost and high in concept (just like what I do at Content Puppy).

In this example, he’s painting a mural to promote the High Museum’s Basquiat exhibit.

It’s a simple production. Just one time-lapse shot of Joe in action with a boxful of spray paint.

The result is a concise and engaging video—perfect for the High Museum’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Here’s One About Fire Juggling 

Yes, you read that right.

Delightflow Duo is a young, quirky married couple named Justin and Christy Conley. I met them a few years ago at the Atlanta International Night Market.

In fact, I used footage I shot there to create this social media video for their Facebook page.

Most of the video is shot in slow motion, using a gimbal (a hand-held stabilizer, like a steadicam). So I was able to circle around them, constantly moving the camera as they performed.

It’s hard to get more visually interesting than flaming swords, nunchucks and hula hoops.

Ex-Marine officer turned actor R. Lee Ermey. He was known as “Gunny” to his fans.

The Power of Social Media

Glock has collected hundreds of stories about the dependability of their products, Glock handguns are relied upon worldwide by the military, police departments, and security-minded homeowners.

With Social Media Videos such as this, Glock reaches their online audience and builds their brand, one story at a time.

Glock Amazing Stories

Here’s yet another example of Social Media Video from a few years ago, for Glock handguns.

R. Lee Ermey is no longer with us, but he was an ex-Marine turned character actor. His first role was playing the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.

Known as Gunny to his fans, this guy was extremely popular among gun enthusiasts. Glock had him signed as a celebrity endorser.

To commemorate Glock’s 25th Anniversary, we produced a series of Social Media Videos with Gunny telling Glock stories, in his own unique style.

All the stories are true by the way.


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