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Small Business Video


With the Right Production Resource, Small Business Video Doesn’t Have to Look Small.

Most small business owners realize that video can help them increase business, but they’re overwhelmed by the many types of video.

Where should they invest their money? Into video for their website? YouTube? Social media? Local TV commercials?


Small Business Video

Here’s  one example of a small business video campaign. It was created for ATC Income Tax, a minority-owned business based in Atlanta.

Working on a limited budget, we shot three thirty-second commercials in a single day. This required taking advantage of every production efficiency. For example, we shot the spots in two locations that were less than a block away from each other (less travel time, less equipment to be moved).

A Video Goes Viral

The commercials aired on local TV stations as well as online, on the company’s website.

We also created an extra online video—a funny outtake reel.

In the third commercial of the day, there was an extremely cute two-year-old kid named Ashton who decided he wanted a speaking part.

Ashton kept blurting out his dad’s lines (actually, an actor playing the part of his dad).

So many outtakes, we edited a web video.

We got so much footage of Ashton cracking everyone up, we edited all the outtakes together. And of course, that video got way more clicks than the other videos combined.

To get the entire story, check out our blog post.

Many thanks to The Partnership of Atlanta for the opportunity and to local DP David Blackburn for the production help.


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