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Sales Videos


An Effective Sales Video Puts the Power of Storytelling to Work for Your Sales Team.


An online sales video is an effective way to demonstrate a product. Why? Because video is such a visual medium, where words and images work together.

ION Loyalty Sales Video

Here are three examples of sales videos.The first one, for ION Loyalty, shows how easy it is for business owners to use this mobile payment app.

This sales video is designed with merchants in mind. It communicates the benefits of ION Loyalty, how easy it is to set up, and how the payment process works, step-by-step.

To produce the video, we shot on location using an actual ION Loyalty merchant. We filmed the payment process live, in real time, using the actual phone screens. Those aren’t paid actors punching in the codes, they’re the actual waitress and customer.

YourHome1Source Video

Here’s another example of an effective sales video. This one is for a home services website called YourHome1Source.

It features the Publisher of the website, Sean Stockell, describing the features of the site and its many benefits for homeowners.

Footage of Sean is intercut with footage of the site itself—we literally shot video of the site, displayed on screens of various types. Our goal was to show details of the site’s functionality and content, seen on different devices from multiple camera angles.

Atlanta Porch Video

Here’s one more example.

This video was produced for Atlanta Porch & Portico. It’s sent to new customers to introduce them to the company.

They learn about the design and construction process, and “meet” the company’s owner, as well as the designer who will be visiting their home.

Unlike most Sales Videos, these were designed for after the sale. We produced different videos for each of the company’s designers, showing examples of porch designs, decks and decorative fencing.

Affordable Production

In each of these examples, we produced the Sales Video using minimal crew and equipment. To control costs, we shot in natural light where possible, saving precious set-up time between shots.

The ION Loyalty app was shot live, balancing the brightness of the mobile screens with the exposure of the room. With that approach,  the screens didn’t have to be recreated, animated and replaced, saving quite a bit of time in the editing process.

On YourHome1Source, we kept costs down by shooting local contractors, construction crews, designers, realtors and other service providers to avoid stock footage fees.


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