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Restaurant Marketing


In Restaurant Marketing, Video is a Powerful Way to Communicate Quality and Ambience.

In restaurant marketing, video can be a powerful tool.

It can take a wide range of forms, from mouthwatering food photography, to videos featuring chef interviews and other web content.

Concept Video

All of these tactics can begin building excitement about a new restaurant concept long before the doors even open.

And it can easily tie in with other content marketing tactics.

Restaurant Marketing

Here’s an example. Edgar’s Grille in Augusta, GA, is a restaurant owned and operated by Goodwill Industries.

Edgar’s print advertising

The mission of Goodwill is to provide skills training and job opportunities to people in need. In other words, “a hand up, not a handout.”

While the diners at Edgar’s Grille may not be aware of the restaurant’s owner, or even care—they just want good food—the facts do provide an interesting back story for the restaurant, and present several marketing angles unique in the restaurant industry.


Content Marketing

The brand positioning for Edgar’s was based on altruism. It’s the only restaurant in Augusta that provides good for the community as well as good food. That led us to the theme line “Good food that makes you feel good all over.”

To promote the new restaurant, Goodwill developed a unique marketing campaign promoting the food as well as the altruism concept. Today, Edgar’s Grille is an extremely popular dining destination in Augusta.


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