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Public Relations Videos

Public Relations Videos are an Effective Way to Promote Products, Control Narratives, and Drive Word of Mouth.

Why are Public Relations Videos becoming more popular?

In today’s cluttered media environment, PR professionals are seeing newspapers, radio, television and magazines decrease in reach and importance, while Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social platforms are exploding in popularity.

And what do those platforms have in common? Their focus on Video.

Video is quickly becoming THE way to communicate.

Public Relations Videos

Need more proof? A recent article in PR Society of America predicts, for 2018, there will be “dramatic increases in video content, and with it, much greater use of Snapchat and Instagram.”

Furthermore, with this measurable shift in consumer communication channels, the PR industry is understandably changing its tactics.

With digital media reaching a larger audience than ever before, many PR firms are beginning to create content, hire video producers and other creative talent, and even build production facilities for their clients.

So chances are, you can expect PR Videos to become even more popular in the future.

How PR Videos are Used

Here’s an example of a public relations video—this one was created for Atlanta-based homebuilder PulteGroup.

To promote their new Smart Home designs, PulteGroup hosted a live event at one of their models. They brought in Food Network Star Chef Tregaye Fraser to do a 2-hour cooking demonstration, and invited a dozen real estate bloggers to tour the new home and enjoy the food.

This was not an overly-produced and scripted video. Rather, it was a live event captured on video, edited to tell an engaging story.

Of course, this is only one potential use for Public Relations Videos. There are many other ways video can be an effective communications tool.

Thank you to Macey Kessler of PulteGroup PR for the project.


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