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Product Launch Videos

What’s One of the Quickest Ways to Generate Excitement about a New Product Launch? A Product Launch Video.

As the old saying goes, it isn’t rocket science.

Video is such a visual medium, it’s the perfect way to demonstrate what a product does and communicate its benefits. Check out these sales videos for some good examples.


Your Home Savings Product Launch

If you’re introducing a new product, you need a Product Launch Video.

This video for the Your Home Savings app takes the launch metaphor literally. We downloaded actual public-domain launch footage from the NASA website, then replaced the rocket with a mobile phone graphic.

The result: the app’s name and home screen is clearly visible in almost every scene.

With a total run time of about 40 seconds, this Product Launch Video works equally well online and on social media.


Hitachi LifeStudio Product Launch

Here’s another example of a Product Launch Video. This one is for Hitachi LifeStudio.

Many thanks to Liquid Agency in San Jose, CA for the project, and to Mark Simon and Tim Vece for the production help.

LifeStudio is an external hard drive with built-in software for organizing digital photos, videos and other computer files. Video enabled us to actually show the software interface, a stunning 3-D wall of images.

Hitachi LifeStudio was designed around a simple consumer insight: most people take so many digital photos, they can’t keep up with them all.

This video capitalized on that benefit by telling a compelling story about the value of digital memories and giving the product an emotional hook.


Cost Effective Production

The “video wall” demonstrations were created by recording screen movies of real-time action. This was much less time-consuming than using graphics and animation.

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