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Healthcare Videos

Whether You’re Talking to Patients or Providers, Healthcare Video is a Great Way to Communicate.


If all hospitals offer pretty much the same medicine, the same care, then how can one organization differentiate from another? How can they get people to choose hospital A over hospital B?

The answer: “Patient Experience.”

What’s that you may ask? Patient Experience is an intangible quality, a measurement of patient satisfaction. It’s also one of the biggest buzzwords in healthcare marketing today.

Hospitals everywhere are looking to improve their Patient Experience by offering patients shorter wait times, simpler scheduling, and fewer hassles getting to and from an appointment.

Improve Patient Experience With Gozio

Improving the Patient Experience is the basic idea behind Gozio Health. It’s a mobile platform being marketed to hospitals and healthcare organizations. Gozio offers easy scheduling, convenient bill pay, and simple navigation.

But Gozio’s most unique feature by far is mobile wayfinding.

Gozio doesn’t just tell you how to get to the hospital (like Google Maps). It tells you where to park, where to walk, which building, which elevator—everything a patient needs to know to get to an appointment.


Healthcare Video 1:
The Customer Testimonial

To tell the Gozio story, we started by filming a testimonial. We went to Piedmont Hospital, and interviewed Katie Logan, Piedmont’s VP of Patient Experience (there’s that buzzword again).

Next we filmed at Gozio’s office, capturing B Roll of their team—including Magellan, their wayfinding robot.

Then, we went back to Piedmont Hospital and filmed patients (actually, employees pretending to be patients), using the Gozio app. Because the app is location based, we had to be at the hospital to film the functionality.

Healthcare Video 2:
The Gozio Brand

Once the testimonial video was complete, we did a second version—a Gozio Brand Video. It uses much of the same footage, but tells the story through voiceover, instead of through the customer’s eyes.

Thank you to Barbara Kragor and Joshua Titus at Gozio, and to Katie Logan and Kat Potts at Piedmont Hospital. I enjoyed working with all of you, and hope to do more projects in the future.


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