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Explainer Videos


Great Storytelling Can Make an Explainer Video Explain Things Even Better.


An Explainer Video can take many forms, from talking head to full-blown animation. But no matter which format you choose, there’s one important ingredient all Explainer Videos have in common.

They tell a good story.


Cricket Wireless Explainer Video

Here’s an example from Cricket Wireless. It’s a video for store managers that explains their new loyalty program, Cricket Rewards.

The video was produced with existing artwork and stock photography. It incorporates the cute characters from Cricket’s brand advertising. The result is an Explainer Video that instantly ties into the Cricket Wireless brand look and feel. More importantly, it presents the details of their loyalty program in a simple and memorable way.

K&A Explainer Video

Here’s another example of an Explainer Video. This one was created for Kleber & Associates.

Kleber & Associates is a niche advertising and PR agency, specializing in home and building products.

The purpose of the video was to define their niche, or “explain” the agency’s positioning for potential clients.

It was produced using stock photos, illustrations and film clips. By editing the project in After Effects, I was able to add some interesting animation and 3-D effects.


The Power of Storytelling

Both of these examples use storytelling to deliver details and information, in an engaging way.

Thank you to the teams at Cricket Wireless, SessionM, and Kleber & Associates for these interesting projects.


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