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Employee Videos


Employee Videos are a Great Way to Boost Morale and Generate Excitement Within a Company.

Most CEOs and CMOs  recognize that employees are a valuable company asset.

That’s why they plan company-wide or departmental meetings, training seminars and other get togethers. During these events, they recognize high-value contributors and communicate their vision for the company’s future.

Video can be a powerful addition to these meetings. There’s no better way to generate excitement and build morale.


Employee Video

Here’s an example. This video was produced for Georgia carpet manufacturer Beaulieu of America.

It was shot over a two day period in multiple North Georgia locations, including Dalton, Cartersville and Adairsville.

Affordable Video Production

To keep costs down, nothing was storyboarded or pre-planned. We simply walked around Beaulieu’s mills and offices looking for interesting faces and machinery. Minimal equipment was required; almost all of the footage was shot using existing lighting.

The freeform documentary-style approach made the production more affordable, as little time was spent writing and revising scripts or developing storyboards. We also worked with a small crew, using limited camera gear, enabling us to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

The finished video was presented by Beaulieu’s management team at a company-wide employee conference. It was extremely well received. The timing of the video could not have been better—the economic recession had impacted the entire industry, and those employees really needed to hear an optimistic message.

Thanks to Mode Design for the project, and to Dan Hollister for the photography and production help.


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