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Customer Testimonials

The Most Effective Stories About Your Business Don’t Come From You, They Come From Your Customers.

If you’re a business owner looking to promote your business online, generate awareness and find new customers, customer testimonials are one of the most effective tactics you can use.

Video marketing is all about telling stories. Short, engaging videos are shared on YouTube and on social media, and help drive traffic back to your website. Plus, web pages with video rank higher on Google, and keep visitors on your page longer.


Which Stories Are Most Effective?

There are all kinds of stories you can tell—stories about your business, about your products, and about your employees. But for sheer simplicity and effectiveness, it’s hard to beat good customer testimonials.

It makes sense. People are naturally more likely to believe information from an unbiased third party.

For example, there’s the amazing story of Joshie the giraffe (blog post here). The Ritz Carleton went above and beyond expectations in returning a kid’s stuffed animal. The dad was so impressed, he posted a YouTube video about it—which quickly went viral, and ended up becoming an often-repeated customer service case study.

Customer Testimonials

Of course, customer testimonials don’t have to go viral to be effective. Here’s one we recently did for Atlanta Pet Hospice. Dr. Greg is one of those rare veterinarians who still makes house calls. He works with aging pets, performing in-home hospice care, as well as in-home euthanasia.

As you can imagine, it’s an emotional story about mourning and loss. But it also tells an extremely effective story about Dr. Greg’s compassion and care. He makes beloved pets comfortable during the last stage of their lives, and helps the pet owners through the difficult time as well.


The key to creating an effective customer testimonial is keeping everything authentic. You can’t put words in their mouths, or script out what you want them to say. People are more relatable and believable when they’re using their own words.

Thanks to Chris Lafay and Jessica Matthews at Classic City Consulting for the project. And of course to Dr. Greg Helton at Atlanta Pet Hospice.


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