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Customer Experience Videos

Looking to Communicate a Unique Customer Experience? Try a Customer Experience Video.

The craft spirits industry has grown nearly 30 percent in the last five years. So it’s no wonder that craft distilleries seem to be popping up everywhere—there were only 204 in the US in 2010. By 2020, there will be 2,800.

Customers Are Looking for Unique Tastes

Here in Atlanta, American Spirit Whiskey, or ASW, is definitely part of that trend. Founded by two college buddies from the University of Georgia, ASW offers a wide range of smooth, artisan spirits, including whiskey, bourbon, rye, and Georgia apple brandy.

Each ASW product is crafted by hand, with a unique character and distinctive flavor profile. Still, with so many other craft distilleries on the horizon, how can ASW connect with customers and build a loyal fan base?

Focus on the Customer Experience

The answer, according to ASW, is to offer unique customer experiences. Their production facility offers an entire range of Distillery Tours, including guided tastings, and in-depth explanations of their distillation process.

Everyone there is passionate about their products. For example, Co-Founder and CEO Jim Chasteen talks about Quality and the Craft Spirit Movement, while Head Distiller Justin Manglitz discusses one-of-a-kind blends and grain combinations.

Customer Experience Videos

The goal of these videos was to give site visitors a glimpse into the unique experiences waiting for them at ASW. Whether focusing on one person or the entire team, each video conveys what makes ASW special.

The people, the place, the patrons—they all come together in this series of videos. Shorter versions were also produced, for use on social media.

Thank you to Jim Chasteen and Chad Ralston for the project—and the bourbon.


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