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Content Marketing Can Take Many Forms. Video is the Most Powerful.


In the past few years, Content Marketing has emerged as one of the most popular and pervasive marketing tactics.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (yes, there is such a thing), it’s used by 86 percent of all B2C marketers, and 95 percent of B2B marketers.

All kinds of content are used for Content Marketing—company blogs, newsletters, white papers and more. But by far, the fastest growing form of content is video.

Content Marketing Video

The video shown here was produced for Kleber & Associates, an Atlanta advertising and PR agency.

As the video explains, the basic idea of Content Marketing is to post content on social media channels, where it can be liked, shared, retweeted, etc. Popular posts expand the company’s audience, and in turn, helps them attract new customers.

That’s the basic message of the video—more traffic leads to more customers.

The story is reinforced with a simple visual analogy. As web traffic increases, sales increase and boxes load faster onto a delivery truck.

Content Marketing Infographic

When I first started Content Puppy, I designed a Content Marketing infographic featuring many industry statistics. Clients occasionally remember it, and ask me to send them a copy.

So if anyone is interested, it’s available here for download. Just fill out the form below.

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