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Business Video Production


Business Video Doesn’t Have to be Difficult. Or Time Consuming. Or Expensive.


When I meet with marketers and business owners about business video production, one question seems to come up more than any other—how much will it cost?

The answer: a lot less than it used to.

Business video production used to require a lot of expensive equipment, a large production crew, professional editors and more. But in recent years, new types of equipment and technology have enabled the cost of production to come down.

Business Video Production

This video for the Atlanta Home Show is a perfect example.

I arranged with the show’s owner and organizer, Michael Schoppenhorst, to shoot footage of the show’s exhibitors. I didn’t need a large crew or bulky lighting equipment—just minimal production gear.

But that isn’t all that brought the cost down. There was no script writing involved. No storyboard. Just me and a camera, shooting whatever I happened to see, documentary style. This approach greatly simplifies the production process, resulting in a lot of usable footage with minimal time and effort.

All sorts of companies were there, from local service providers to national building product manufacturers. With over 150 exhibitors under one roof, I was able to spend the entire afternoon wandering the aisles, looking for interesting angles and creative camera moves.

Cost Effective Production

During the editing phase, I animated the Home Show logo, with its bold colors and squiggly lines, so it appears to draw onto the screen. I also used the yellow squiggle as an accent on the video’s title cards.

The result is an engaging video that mirrors the Home Show’s brand. It’s a good example of the videos we do for other Atlanta businesses.


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