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Can Technology and Education Help Fight Poverty in Atlanta’s Disadvantaged Neighborhoods?
Check Out This Inspirational Video.

If you’re creating an inspirational video, it helps to start out with an inspirational topic.

In this case, it’s about helping poor, disadvantaged students rise up out of poverty‚ÄĒsomething they’re quite passionate about at Atlanta’s TechSquare Labs.

Part of the Google for Entrepreneurs network, TechSquare Labs is a resource and seed fund for technology startups. Founded by two successful technology investors, TSL helps mentor young entrepreneurs so they can “Build Something From Nothing.”

They’re also committed to broadening opportunities for Atlanta’s underserved communities. At a recent “Hackathon” event, TSL’s Rodney Sampson spoke to a group of students.

Here’s the video:

What Makes Inspirational Video So Inspiring?

There’s no easy answer here. No formula for making something inspirational. Usually it comes from the subject matter.

In this case, Rodney Samson is talking about hope. He’s using technology and education to help minority students build their careers and their futures. His dream is to make the technology industry more diverse and inclusive.

Of course, TSL isn’t doing this all by themselves. They’re working in a public-private partnership, with WorkSource Atlanta and The Iron Yard. They’re also part of ATL TechHire, a federal program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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