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All You Need for a Great Event Video: Beautiful Weather, Cute Kids and a Bucket Full of Bubble Juice.

After shooting the Atlanta International Night Market two weeks ago, I wasn’t exactly looking for another event video opportunity. But I live in Kirkwood, a neighborhood in southeast Atlanta. They’ve had banners up for weeks promoting the Kirkwood Spring Fling. So I figured I may as well take my camera and check it out.

Here’s the video:

Another Event Video

I had never been to the Kirkwood Spring Fling before, so I had no idea what to expect.

They had several streets closed off, with vendor tents for local artists, craftsmen, and small businesses. Kind of a mini arts fair.

They had a 5K Road Race early in the morning, which I didn’t bother to shoot, and a walking tour of local homes. They also had a barbecue cookoff which was quite delicious.

But for my money, the best video opportunity was Bessie Branham Park, a big open green space with lots of families and kids.

The Georgia Bubble Man

A guy who calls himself the Georgia Bubble Man was there, making bubbles of all shapes and sizes, along with people from the Circus Summer Camp giving demonstrations on juggling, aerial acrobatics and more.

To shoot the video, I walked around the park checking out the fun kid activities. I used a gimbal setup to move the camera smoothly, and a polarizer and neutral density filters to reduce glare and control the depth of field.

Most of the video was shot in 4K, using slow motion. I really like how slow down the action lets you enjoy the tiny details—the shapes of the bubbles, the joy of the kids.

I wish all my event videos could be this much fun.

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